Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 04/09/2021

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In the first show for Autumn 2021 Paraic introduces the all new "capability" hand trowel, new to the market and a brilliant gardening tool for all gardeners as it cuts plants, hammers and serates in addition to digging soil. Early autumn temperatures have remained high which lends to super gardening weather. For those considering sowing a new lawn, September is the perfect time and Paraic discussed the steps involved in detail. There's also discussion on the benefits of planting green manure, particularly where potatoes or summer veg have been lifted. There's lots of options for those replanting vegetables and Paraic looked at different varities of purple broccoli, cabbage, kale and winter lettuce. There's a reminder of options for weed control and Paraic advocates regular use of the garden hoe for best results. This edition of the programme also features a round up of listeners questions including cutting back roses, pruning hydrangeas, harvesting potatoes and care of hedges among others.

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