Episode 10 | Angelina Fanny Hesse, the Woman who Brought Agar into Microbiology, with Vanesa Ayala-Nuñez

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Bringing you the story of a woman that revolutionized microbiology, but is ever hardly recognized. In this episode, hosts Eleni Koursari and Corrado Nai welcome Vanesa Ayala-Nuñez and chat about the discovery of culturing microorganisms using agar made by Angelina Fanny Hesse. We also discuss women in microbiology and what changed from the 19th century until today.

Read the #FEMSmicroBlog: Got agar? Say thanks to Angelina Hesse! - https://fems-microbiology.org/femsmicroblog-got-agar-say-thanks-to-angelina-hesse/

This episode celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and International Womens Day #BreakTheBias

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