Piano Log 2015-3-8 Part 4

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March 2015 - Day 12

Here it is - the improvisation I had to do directly following Professor Souhad Zendah's presentation. I was haunted by the image of her at 17, having to spend 4 hours in an ever-narrowing tunnel, walking past countless sniper guns and enduring constant shouted threats from unseen soldiers on speakers, waiting to get out of Gaza into Israel, so she could travel to the West Bank for university, not knowing she wouldn't be able to go back home - to this day.

Something I noticed about this recording - it starts with a repeated F, eventually moves to a repeated G, and then a repeated A at the end. Throughout, the motive incorporates those three notes as well.

Somehow, I hope this conveys the message of hope Professor Souhad was sharing.

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