Episode 167 - Adam Dares You...Play it Forward!

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  • (3:10) Mediocre Observations - Eddie gets confused by his Friday-Friday vacation./ What if we abolished time zones altogether?
  • (13:00) Eddie takes a trip to OC and plays Rum Pointe. He finally meets some acceptable playing partners and ends up playing an additional round with his new friends!
  • (21:00) Eddie returns home and plays well at Northwest GC
  • (26:30) Adam plays horribly at a Hive event at Blue Mash and then the struggles continue at Clustered Spires.
  • (33:40) We set up the Red Tee Challenge / Eddie plays from the tips and asks for nine strokes. / Can Adam break par from the red tees? / Lots of stuff to cover with this one!
  • (60:20) An announcement about the 2022 RattleBottom tournament!
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Music credits for the closing theme song: Joakim Karud, "Great Days".

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Artist: https://twitter.com/joakimkarud

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