👨🏻‍💻 C2E106 - What if we cover Business News in 10 minutes? | Note Panra

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TANGEDCO loss may widen despite rate hike - (0:49)

Meta FB to become more like TikTok - (1:13)

Start-Ups help employees get new jobs - (1:28)

Ad pop us on apps may be thing of past - (1:56)

8.7 lakh crore pending dues in MSME's - (2:23)

Why Bhutan is asking Indian tourists to pay? - (2:45)

Why Chinese Gen Z are underemployed and lowering their ambitions - (3:14)

FMCG Discounts for this quarter - (3:33)

Zero probability for India to get into Recession - (3:57)

Counterfeit currency on the rise in India - (4:14)

Golden visa rules ruled out in Dubai - (5:57)

SC / ST Doctors denied jobs in AIIMS - (6:14)

Indian online users IAMA Report - (6:40)

GST Hike : Unbranded retailers lose out to Rivals - (7:04)

Women preferring more remote jobs - (7:18)

Aavin sales target of 200 crores this Diwali - (7:38)

Shoppers buying les due to budget shrink - (8:10)

Apple revenue doubles in India due to iPhone sales - (8:21)

Smartphone shipment falls due to weak demand in July Quarter - (8:44)

Explained : Why we made a 10 minute episode? - (9:34)


Deepan Siddhu's Episode on Digital Marketing : https://open.spotify.com/episode/32TtzmEglNvOIRkr9vGXSI?si=slfXZbqxTJmsQfKvLHwknQ


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