Mazzula Public Broadcast System Oct 16

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Welcome to this months Mazzula's Public Broadcasting System.
As promised, leaving techno behind, this month heads into the murky corners of electronica and electro. It features new tracks from the likes of Umwelt, Cursor Minor and others as well as upfronts from Electrix.
It's also 'Whip It' time, so have a good un peeps!
Don't forget to send me your murky music.
Ion Driver – Question Mark
Cursor Minor – The Undecidable
Atman – Gateway to Acid (Robitaille Mix)
Umwelt – Days of Dissent
Silicon Scally – Thrusters
Jay Mass – Stella Hangover (Mazzula remix/remaster)
Kamikaze Space Program – Type 3
Flint Kids - Venom
Randomer & Hodge – Second Freeze
Kris Wadsworth – Rhumba
Forthcoming (Electrix)
Aphex Twin – 2X202-ST5
Second Story – Bismuth
Dynarec – Historic Exhale
Mazzula – Saturdee Night
Second Story – Combustion Hallmark
Forthcoming (Electrix)

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