Vol 2 Ep 30: Mr. Mojo Risin’

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Hasbro's got their Mojo workin…does it work on you? An exciting livestream revealed a slew of unexpected figures, including Spider-Man from the '70s Japanese TV Series, a Mojoworld four-pack, Morph from the '90s X-Men Animated Series, a giant Sentinel to go with the Retro 3.75" Line, and more! Our hosts run down the most exciting updates on this episode.

Plus…Marvel Legends for under $3? That's right! Watch now to find out what stores have figures at the lowest price ever…and what stores are raising prices fastest.

Have you ever wanted a Marvel Legend of yourself? Maybe in Iron Man's armor, or Spider-Man's spandex suit? It seems that may be coming with the Selfie Series of Legends figures! Expected to be revealed at SDCC, tune into Marvelicious Toys now for an early look at this new 3D printed figure.

With a look back at Toy Fair 2006, the newly rereleased Diamond Select Toys Watcher figure, a review of Doctor Strange, and a lot of anticipation for Thor: Love and Thunder, you'll find it all in this episode of Marvelicious Toys!

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