How Stocks Become Publicly Traded Stocks

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Martha takes the complex and confusing subject of the stock market and puts it in simple terms and explanations that will help you learn quickly what the stock market really is and if you should consider becoming an investor or trader. Find out how a stock becomes an IPO, what is a market maker, how and why do stock prices go up. Should you invest in IPO's? Should you invest in big blue chip companies? Is the market safe? Or is it just a big casino where greedy wall street people steal the little guy's money. Martha is one of the great teachers who is able to break down the myths, hype, and veil that shrouds the stock market. If you are a new investor, or if you know someone who is a beginner, this radio discussion will open a whole new world of possibilities for you. Martha's no nonsense, facts, and real life analogies have helped over 150,000 people learn about the stock market. You won't want to miss this show if you are even slightly curious about the stock market. To request a Radio Show Topic, email: *Check out our Stock Market Courses, these courses teach you how to trade stocks and options. *Try TechniTrader Training App. Listen Martha Radio Shows & Podcasts.

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