Global DJ Broadcast: Markus Schulz 2 Hour Mix (Jun 16 2022)

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With the summer season in earnest, Markus Schulz delivers one of his signature two hour studio journeys through the genres of trance, progressive and euphoric techno, to provide a soundtrack to the long, hot nights ahead. On the show, he showcases new music from Dennis Sheperd, Spada, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Skober, BT, Tiger Stripes, Daxson and more.

Hope you enjoy the set, and if you haven't already, be sure to check out Markus' special Dakota mini-album Odyssey to the Netherworld, featuring Down the Rabbit Hole anthems Avalon 6AM, Manray and plenty more. Back with another studio edition next week, and gearing up for the annual Global DJ Broadcast Sunrise Set - delivered to your feeds on June 30.


Markus Schulz

01. Dennis Sheperd & Brandon Le - Intouchable

02. NOMADsignal & Nikol Apatini - To the Ground

03. Einmusik - Wormhole

04. Super8 & Tab featuring Nazzereene - Lightning

05. Cubicolor - Lose Your Senses [In Bloom]

06. OC & Verde - Navigator

07. Signalrunners - Meet Me in Montauk (Judah Remix)

08. Spada - North Sea

09. Chicane - Sunstroke (Disco Citizens Evolution Mix) [A Moment of Sunrise]

10. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Fahrenheit

11. Markus Schulz presents Dakota - Odyssey to the Netherworld [Global Selection]

12. Ben Malone & Lauren L'aimant - Higher Ground

13. Eme Kulhnek - Digital Slave

14. Cosmic Boys - Fire

15. Skober - Bayraktar [Down the Rabbit Hole]

16. Markus Schulz presents Dakota featuring Bev Wild - Running Up That Hill [Hall of Fame]

17. Trilucid - We Are All Connected [Deeper Shades]

18. Woo York - Like a Phoenix

19. Weekend Heroes - Off Limit (Cid Inc. Remix)

20. Kamilo Sanclemente - Diffraction

21. Estiva - Cascada

22. BT - Stratosphere (Matt Fax Remix)

23. The YellowHeads - Error 909

24. Bart Skils & Weska - Shades of Summer

25. BILBONI & Brtinzz - Phase In

26. Modea - Body Language

27. Beico - Roller Coaster

28. Tiger Stripes - Renegade

29. Maarten de Jong & Frank Spector - La Nuit (Maarten de Jong Mix)

30. SMR LVE & That Girl - Forever (Hit the Bass Remix)

31. Ana Criado - Lockdown Heart (Daxson Remix)

32. Ben Gold - Nostalgia

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