Las Blancas Podcast: Post-Game Analysis With Athletic Expert; Reacting To UWCL Draw

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On this episode of Las Blancas podcast, hosts Om Arvind and Yash Thakur discuss Real Madrid’s 3-0 win over Athletic Bilbao. They are joined by Isa, an expert guest, who you should absolutely follow on Twitter.

Talking points:

  • Freja Siri in for Toletti and Nahikari for Esther
  • Athletic Bilbao’s XI and injuries
  • Why Peke Barea didn’t start
  • The reasons behind Athletic’s good start
  • Iraia Iturregi’s tactics
  • Athletic’s errors at the back
  • Real Madrid’s press on the first goal
  • How Las Blancas asserted control over the ball and the match
  • Athletic’s defending and Quiñones’ keeping on the second goal
  • Maite looking quite good on the left wing and her overall impact
  • Athletic’s subs
  • Assessing Maite from the opposition perspective
  • Weir’s love for Maite
  • Nahikari’s complete performance
  • Weir’s elite press resistance
  • Athletic’s standout players in the game
  • Reacting to Madrid drawing Chelsea and PSG in the UWCL group stage
  • The case for optimism
  • PSG’s weaknesses
  • December as the Month of Death
  • Lieke Martens’ form for PSG
  • And more

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Hosts this week:

Om Arvind (@OmVAsports)

Yash Thakur (@Odriozolite)

Las Blancas (@Las_Blancas)


Isa (@orozismo)

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