Cadiz post-game thoughts; Las Blancas qualify for UWCL; Mumbai Q&A

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This episode of the Managing Madrid Podcast is brought to you by The Guild. — proud sponsors of the Managing Madrid Podcast World Tour!

This episode comes in 3 parts.

Part 1, Cadiz post-game:

  • Why was Jesus Vallejo playing at right back?
  • Eder Militao’s concerning form
  • Rodrygo Goes stuff
  • Fede Valverde's performance
  • Toni Kroos’s performance
  • No Victor Chust!
  • Cadiz’s defensive shape
  • Karma for Sergio
  • Marco Asensio’s performance
  • Eden Hazard’s performance off the bench
  • And more.

Part 2, Las Blancas (45:25):

  • Barcelona’s helping hand
  • Doing it the hard way
  • Back three/back four weirdness
  • Consistent issues breaking down a low block
  • Athenea, Asllani and Maite stepping up
  • Snapshot of Asllani’s legacy
  • Captain Babs
  • Toril’s conservatism
  • Intriguing subs
  • Poor second half defending
  • Ivana at right back
  • Villarreal’s subs
  • Grant happily eats his words
  • Yash waxes lyrical about Asllani
  • Farewell to Asllani, Babs, and Kaci

Part 3, Q&A live in Mumbai (1:40:55)

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