Atletico Post-game, May 8

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This episode of the Managing Madrid Podcast is brought to you by The Guild. — proud sponsors of the Managing Madrid Podcast World Tour!

On this episode, Kiyan Sobhani and Om Arvind discuss:

  • Carlo Ancelotti's starting XI
  • Andriy Lunin’s performance
  • Jesu Vallejo’s performance
  • Dealing with Atletico Madrid's press
  • Should it have been a penalty?
  • Luka Jovic’s performance
  • Eduardo Camavinga’s performance and what he needs to improve on
  • Diego Simeone's tactics
  • Antoine Griezmann
  • Would Griezmann have been a good signing for Real Madrid a couple years ago? *
  • The performances of Rodrygo Goes and Marco Asensio
  • Fede Valverde's shooting
  • Nacho Hernandez's header —how ‘easy’ of a chance was it?
  • And more.

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