Episode 6 - Michael Garfield

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Making Sense of Complexity features conversations with complexity science practitioners and philosophers on the deep and fascinating findings of complexity science. How do we make sense of the uncertain and seemingly incomprehensible world we live in? Hosted by George Gantz, the production is a collaboration with Spiral Inquiry, Planksip, Talk of Today, and Complexity Weekend, and is produced by True Spectrum Media.

Today our guest is Michael Garfield, host of Santa Fe Institute's Complexity podcast, which explores the Universe's deepest mysteries with the people who have dedicated their lives to finding emergent order in the complex world. The podcast series now includes 84 episodes featuring conversations with some of the world’s smartest and most interesting complexity scientists. Michael is also an artist, musician, writer, editor, organizer and cultural change agent.

Collaborator Links:
Spiral Inquiry: https://spiralinquiry.org
Planksip: https://www.planksip.org
Talk of Today: https://www.samhbarton.com/podcast
Complexity Weekend: https://www.complexityweekend.com
True Spectrum Media/Cray Novick: https://linktr.ee/cameracray

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