The One Thing Crypto, Cannabis, and Litigation Finance Have in Common - Steven Huttler - 2:2

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Welcome to another episode of Making Billions. This week Steven Huttler reveals what Crypto, Cannabis, and Litigation Finance have in common.
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[MY GUEST]: Steven Huttler is a partner at Sadis Goldberg's Financial Services and Corporate groups. Steven has extensive experience in corporate, finance, investment fund, and securities matters, including the representation of the U.S. and foreign investment funds, underwriters, and private clients in the various registered public and private offerings of debt and equity securities totaling in excess of $10 billion.
As part of his investment fund practice, Steven has served as corporate counsel to many private investment funds and partnerships based in or domiciled in the United States and in international and offshore jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Cyprus, Mauritius, United Kingdom, Austria, Russia, India and Gibraltar. Steven’s legal practice has exposed him to diverse fund clients with an exceptionally wide range of investment programs and structures, including large mutual funds and hedge fund complexes, private equity firms, real estate partnerships and funds, venture capital funds and funds focused on specialty finance assets. He has also counseled small start-up hedge funds and financial industry entrepreneurs. His practice has included structuring and establishing start-up funds and managed accounts, and structuring investment funds to benefit from U.S. double taxation treaties. He has advised management companies and fund managers on compensation structures, restructured and reorganized funds, structured, negotiated and documented fund trades, negotiated seed, joint venture and start up agreements, and advised on a range of sophisticated transactions.
[THE HOST]: Ryan is a Venture Capital & Angel investor in technology and energy. He achieved placement growth of 5200% ROI in his first 5 years in the industry. He is currently the Founder & Managing Director at Pentium Capital Partners specializing in Financial Consulting and Venture Capital investments. Previously he served as a Chief Financial Officer for a National, award-winning InsurTech company. Managed and mentored approx. 200 professionals while serving in this role. Additionally, he has mentored hundreds of emerging fund managers to start and scale their investment funds, totaling around $500M in funds raised to date as well as Managing a $250M portfolio of technology projects & startups.
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