Sloan Capital - How to Make Eight Figures From Real Estate & Restaurants - Justin Sloan

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In this week’s episode, I bring on my dear friend Justin Sloan. Justin is the founder and CEO of Sloan Capital, An investment firm that has $20M of real estate book value as well as scaling up on a massive restaurant empire, starting with Ever bowl. Join Justin and me as we discuss how he went from a scrappy kid to a tech entrepreneur, all the way to doing multi-million dollar deals and scaling all the way.
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[MY GUEST]: Over the past several years, Justin Sloan and Sloan Capital have begun syndicating real estate deals to outside investors and have made sizeable venture investments in more than a dozen companies. Justin is highly knowledgeable in all things business, and his undeniable passion is what sets him apart from the rest. Having built companies from the ground up, he understands the details that go into establishing a successful firm and the resources required to help in scaling it while still maintaining the small things that make it stand out. His hard work, diligence, resourcefulness, and flexibility make Justin the right individual to spot and execute on opportunities.
[THE HOST]: Ryan is a Venture Capital & Angel investor in technology and energy. He achieved placement growth of 5200% ROI in his first 5 years in the industry. His Podcast, “Making Billions”, was recently ranked in the top 20 Venture Capital Podcasts on the Planet! Previously he served as a Chief Financial Officer for a National, award-winning InsurTech company, which he grew 50% year-over-year. Managed and mentored 250 professionals while serving in this role. Additionally, he has mentored over 500 emerging fund managers to start and scale their investment funds, totaling nearly $1B in funds raised to date.
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