Secrets on How to Launch Your Next Billion Dollar Unicorn Startup - Tristan Ham

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Welcome to another episode of Making Billions. Today we will learn the Secrets of How to Launch Your Next Billion-Dollar Startup with Tristan Ham.

  1. Build a One Page Business Plan (Lean Canvas):
  2. Team Collaboration:
  3. Rapid Test Your App Design:
  4. Product Collaboration tool for Planning & Design:
  5. Build Wireframes for Flow & UX Concepts:
  6. TAM, SAM, SOM Brief:
  7. Viability, Desirability, Feasibility:

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[MY GUEST]: Tristan Ham has a background in human services and he spent much of his early career in child protection services. He did this both in Australia and in Canada. Throughout this work, Tristan worked with adult learners with frameworks from Crisis intervention to Change management. This is where he developed the skill and passion for teaching people new skills that will change their life. From his successes here, he later worked in the tech industry with recruitment and for the last few years has been working in program delivery with Startup Edmonton as a coach and mentor to thousands of founders and funders.
Today, Tristan serves as a partner with Unbounded Thinking where he continues to grow in his mission to serve and support people in reaching new heights. As a partner here, he focuses on creating systems around innovation that allow businesses to find new ways to survive a changing industry. Tristan has become an effective mentor and is constantly in the pursuit to help founders and funders in their pursuit of making Billions!
Connect with Tristan:
[THE HOST]: Ryan is a Venture Capital & Angel investor in technology and energy. He achieved placement growth of 5200% ROI in his first 5 years in the industry. He is currently the Founder & Managing Director at Pentium Capital Partners specializing in Financial Consulting and Venture Capital investments. Previously he served as a Chief Financial Officer for a National, award-winning InsurTech company. Managed and mentored approx. 200 professionals while serving in this role. Additionally, he has mentored hundreds of emerging fund managers to start and scale their investment funds, totaling around $500M in funds raised to date as well as Managing a $250M portfolio of technology projects & startups. He has a BSc. in Finance and a Master of Financial Management.
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