From Communist to Capitalist - How a Refugee did $100M in Deals in his 30s - Ben Humble

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Welcome to another episode of Making Billions. In this week’s episode, I bring on my dear friend Ben Humble. Ben Humble is the Founder of Cash Flow Tribe and the best-selling author of “From Communism to Capitalism” and “Real Estate Secrets Exposed”. Join Ben and me as he tells us the principles he used to do over $100M in deals while still in his 30s You don’t want to miss it. Plus, Ben challenges all of us to level up and gives us the secret sauce on how to shift your mindset to be a powerful force for good, starting with yourself.
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[MY GUEST]: Beniamin (Ben) Humble was born in 1985 in Romania, at a time when the country was under communist rule. His family escaped before the revolution and landed in an Austrian refugee camp in 1990. After immigrating to Canada and eventually reuniting with his siblings, Ben developed a passion for life and a gratitude mindset. His parents’ sacrifice for a better life developed a deep sense of responsibility within him early on in life. He dreamt of building an empire: motivating, entertaining, and investing in other people.
The oldest of nine children, Ben grew up quickly and helped manage the household. His parents juggled several jobs to provide for their growing family. Although he didn’t have luxuries, Ben wouldn’t trade his upbringing for anything. His father became a pastor at their church and his mother, a restaurant owner. His father’s love of people and his mother’s unrelenting drive shaped Ben’s view of the world and his own ambitions.
Ben discovered his passion for music at a young age, playing piano in church, which continued into his adult life. Always challenging the status quo, Ben is always pushing boundaries and asking, “what’s next”? Twenty years later, Ben has developed the largest private mortgage company in southwestern Ontario, with a mission to serve young families and make homeownership possible. Exiting the ‘rat race’ at 30 years old was just the beginning for Ben.
[THE HOST]: Ryan is a Venture Capital & Angel investor in technology and energy. He achieved placement growth of 5200% ROI in his first 5 years in the industry. He is currently the Founder & Managing Director at Pentium Capital Partners specializing in Financial Consulting and Venture Capital investments. Previously he served as a Chief Financial Officer for a National, award-winning InsurTech company. Managed and mentored approx. 200 professionals while serving in this role. Additionally, he has mentored hundreds of emerging fund managers to start and scale their investment funds, totaling around $500M in funds raised to date as well as Managing a $250M portfolio of technology projects & startups. He has a BSc. in Finance and a Master of Financial Management.
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