Do we need the arts to change the world?

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This episode of LSE iQ asks do we need the arts to change the world? As the UK government looks to recover from the costs of the pandemic its decision to cut funding for creative higher education courses could be seen as a pragmatic response to the changed world or a short-signted move. LSE IQ talks to researchers who have used the creative arts to communicate their findings, and the President of the British Academy, about why the SHAPE (the Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts for People and the Economy) campaign is so important for today’s world. We’ll be hearing from Dr Alexandra Gomes, co-creator of Kuwaitscapes (More on the research project that inspired the game, and to download the Kuwaitscapes game), Professor Patrick Wallis, who created an audio drama from the records of a historical document discovered about the Lock Asylum, a home for down-and-out women, Professor Emily Jackson, whose work on fertility has led to a change in the law, and British Academy President and LSE Professor Julia Black, who is spearheading the SHAPE campaign. Dr Alexandra Gomes, Research Fellow, LSE Cities and co-creator of the Kuwaitscapes card. Professor Patrick Wallis, Professor of Economic History, Department of Economic History, LSE Professor Emily Jackson, Professor of Law, LSE Law School Professor Julia Black, Head of Innovation, LSE, and President, the British Academy.

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