EAT PRAY BE ANGRY: Why it's okay to be angry + 5 ways to soothe your inner teen and express anger in a healthy way

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Hey y'all!

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 1 of the love notes from keesh: a Divine Feminine Energy Healing podcast! Now while we host both masculine and feminine energy as I previously discussed in last week's blog, This is why Netflix's Grace and Frankie are the perfect duo: When divine masculine and divine feminine energies unite, in this space I will focus primarily on the healing of the divine feminine energy.

For this week's podcast, I want to discuss ANGER. Tap into this divine feminine energy healing lesson via your favorite podcast platform, the embedded feed below or YouTube!
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I hope you found this message helpful! You can find me across all social media platforms @withlovekeesh
Until next time. With Love Keesh
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