40: Finding Peace in Parenting

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How on earth can we be peaceful as parents? For some of us this is easier than others. The great joy and challenge of parenting at every stage calls upon us all to use every skill we have.
Join your host Shannon Bodie in her conversation with Suzanne McCauley around Peace in Parenting! Suzanne is a certified life coach serving teens and their parents as they navigate the adolescent years by helping teens build their life skill sets and helping parents keep up with the information and support they need to parent well.
You'll hear some great validation around boundary setting as parents, self care vs. self soothing, building resiliency, and the difference between unwavering love and control as we empathize with our children.
How do you find peace when your children are struggling? What resources help most when we're working to build our children's routines for the adults we hope them to become?
We're here together for it all in this episode!
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