13: Gratitude and Appreciation for Yourself - Keys to Actually Serving those we love!

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Tune inside this episode for very tangible ways to express gratitude and appreciation inward genuinely! How do we quantify or practice real gratitude and love for ourselves on a regular basis, and why does it matter?
Those in our lives that we serve need us to come from this place where we SEE our own light, and are actively thanking ourselves for ALL the work we're doing.
Inside this episode is your giant permission slip! Have you been "working on yourself" and striving for the next layer of self improvement? Here's your break time my friends!
Shannon shares some strategies to let go of old stories, cease the voice that you're not enough, and pause to celebrate right where you are right now. Tune in till the end for a Metta Loving Kindness guided practice!
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Support the show (http://www.innerpeacerising.com)

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