Should Rob Pelinka Make a Big Deadline Trade, or Big Offseason Moves? What's Better for the Lakers?

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Trade season is starting to heat up, and while the Lakers aren't currently at the center of any big rumors (no, Cam Reddish chatter doesn't count), they're generally expected to do something in one form or another before the deadline. Because, if nothing else, they're the Lakers and under a ton of pressure to at least give the appearance of trying to provide LeBron James a fighting chance to compete.

This, of course, is all predicated on the idea that a) Anthony Davis will return at some point soon—Davis participated in parts of Thursday's practice and is at least trending in the right direction—and b) the Lakers are actually interested in trying to salvage this season, vs. waiting until the summer.

To that end, an interesting breakdown on the merits of "Now or Later?" on the Rob Pelinka Decision Tree was posted to Hoopshype by cap guru Yossi Gozlan. He lays out the case for making a move today. In essence, it's about maximizing the ability to spend more, whether on higher end players or, critically, a higher volume of them to help build out the roster. The Lakers will have about $30ish million to spend this offseason if they clear the decks for free agency. If they can move Russell Westbrook now, however, his contract alone can be moved for well over $50 million in salary, and were the Lakers willing to take on longer term deals it would potentially open up options.

So which path is the right one?

A lot depends on whether the market to move Westbrook even exists, and there are reasons to believe that for now, at least, it doesn't.

What assets can the Lakers package? Is Max Christie someone that might be worth something, to help the Lakers minimize what they'd have to give up? Is his contract structure a problem? How much are the picks worth, that they're holding on to?

HOSTS: Andy and Brian Kamenetzky

SEGMENT 1: An Anthony Davis update, plus the NBA admits it got another call that went against the Lakers wrong.

SEGMENT 2: Trade now or trade/sign later? That is the question for Rob Pelinka.

SEGMENT 3: An argument for moving aggressively today, and why Pelinka might not be willing to do it.

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