Lakers Again Can't Execute (plus LeBron Looks Tired) Down the Stretch, Lose 116-114 to Kings

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The stat line wasn't bad by any stretch - 32 points, eight rebounds, nine assists, only one turnover - but for the first time in a while LeBron looked kinda mortal, and definitely seemed to be showing signs of wear from carrying the Lakers in the absence of Anthony Davis. Particularly down the stretch, the legs and movement weren't really there and the Lakers had no real Plan B. So once again, bad late game execution turned a winnable game, one the Lakers were up huge in the first quarter, into a frustrating loss.

116-111 was the final.

The final five minutes were again a tire fire, featuring a parade of late-clock three-pointers and precious few actual points. Meanwhile, Sacramento, playing without star center Domantas Sabonis, found ways to get critical buckets when they were needed, whether from De'Aaron Fox (who routinely torches the Lakers these days) or Harrison Barnes (who wasn't efficient, but had a critical and-one along with a couple timely triples).

After the game, Darvin Ham seemed conflicted. His default is to support his guys, to be optimistic, to talk about what was encouraging. He also seemed frustrated by their inability to pull out these "could have won" games. He seemed frustrated, too, at the ways in which health and the natural limitations of the roster is making it hard to find reliable, consistent lineup combinations.

All of this plays into why the Lakers have struggled late, when good execution is harder but more necessary, but doesn't really help them. This is what the Lakers have, and they they must figure out ways to win some of these games. If these are the 48-minute versions of 50/50 balls, they're losing way too many of them.

And it's not something, say, Cam Reddish is going to fix...

HOSTS: Andy and Brian Kamenetzky

SEGMENT 1: The Lakers lose on Wednesday as LeBron finally looks tired (even while the numbers were there, save efficient shooting...)

SEGMENT 2: The late-game execution continues to be awful. It's been this way all season, and Ham hasn't found a way to improve it.

SEGMENT 3: This is the hand the Lakers have been dealt, and they have to figure out how to make it work. Also, are they gonna make us talk about Cam Reddish?

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