Umpires are Awful But the Guardians Also Weren't Good in a Loss to the Lowly Tigers. Bunts Stink!

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  1. I know people expect me to be very mad about umpiring, but let’s be honest from the start. Austin Hedges was blocking the bag by the letter of the law. It is a dumb rule, inconsistently called and enforced but he did error. The call on Straw was the right one as well, leaving him in to hit was the wrong call. Straw is the second worst hitter in baseball this year among all qualified hitters. The bench might be full of lefties but just about anyone would have been better, and I state that as the number one Myles Straw supporter out there. Also, bunting is the worst, and bunting in that situation lowered the Guardian's chances of winning. The umpires made bad calls, but frankly, the Guardians did not play well today at all.
  2. The Tigers are a bottom three team in every offensive category. Yet they have looked like the 90s Indians/Guardians over the last few days. The pitching just has not been getting it done facing a bad team. Also, Steven Kwan is a star.
  3. I read the angry quote by Austin Hedges that occurred after the game. I appreciate his fire and support of his teammates. I break it down. Plus the Guardians have one of the ten best hitters in baseball this year and it's not who most would think. Also, can you name the best former Guardians hitter in the big leagues this year? We talk about the one trade over the past few years that is rare, safe to call loss by the Guardians.

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