Guardians Top 20 Prospects: Top Five MLB Minor League System is LOADED With Talent and Most Near

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  1. The Franmil Reyes situation is finally resolved as the Cubs have claimed him. It is interesting to see an organization that connected with the Guardians claim him. We get into why the Cubs claimed him. We also discuss my 2022 Shadow Draft in which I have to make significant changes to save some money to draft Cam Collier with the top pick in my shadow draft.
  2. We talked about some prospect lists. I talk about the MLB list which now has NINE prospects in the top 100 which is something that I have never seen before. The Guardians are loaded with so many prospects but it is interesting to see the difference in ranks across various professionals. I recommend Mason Mcrae who is a great Twitter follow. I also explain who the top prospects in this organization are.
  3. I continue to talk about the top prospects in the Guardians system going through the top 20 players as I see them in the system. We discuss the tiers, the underrated names, and who stands out. We also preview the Tigers at the end but the CliffsNotes are you have to beat one of the bottom five teams when you are trying to make the playoffs.

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