What the Trail Blazers can learn from the NBA playoffs: 82 game vs. 16 game players

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It's time for more lessons from the NBA playoffs that we can apply to the Portland Trail Blazers.

In Miami, Duncan Robinson isn't getting off the bench in the second round of the playoffs. It's a reminder of how shortcomings and particularly shortcoming relative to your teammates are more glaring in the postseason. There are players built for regular season dominance (82 games) and players built for the test of the playoffs (16 wins). How many 16 game players do the Trail Blazers currently have on the roster?

In Phoenix, the Suns started big and stayed big despite foul trouble to their top two centers. Where other teams might have gone small Phoenix has a roster built to play the same style of play while dipping into the depth chart. There is value in sticking to your identity. It's a lesson the Blazers should consider when building the roster this summer.

And finally, how far from playoff contention are the Blazers right now? Like, today. This moment. Let's take way too early stock of where Portland sits in the 2023 playoff chase.

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