Trail Blazers trade ideas: How can Portland improve on the trade market?

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It's fake trade season and it's venture into the trade machine wilderness and go hunting for transactions that will help the Portland Trail Blazers.

What does a Justise Winslow, a large traded player exception and a future first land you on the trade market? How about Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magic or Kyle Kuzma of the Washington Wizards? With the Blazers in need of a starting level forward and limited avenues to land one would cashing in their chips to acquire Isaac or Kuz be worth it? Let's walk through the logic.

And then to close the show a listener submitted trade idea sending Anfernee Simons to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for Lonzo Ball? Is the risk worth it for a better backcourt fit? Is an added first round pick enough to soften the blow os losing Ant? Would either team consider this? It's fake trade season!

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