Trail Blazers bright spots during the mega tank

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The Trail Blazers lost on Thursday. They lose on most days. It's the plan. They're 2-19 since the All-Star Break and are riding a nine-game losing streak after a drubbing in New Orleans against the Pelicans. But let's be positive.

This is the 1,000th episode of Locked On Blazers and that milestone deserves some positivity. So let's find some reasons for optimism during a long stretch of beatdowns in Rip City.

Keon Johnson has improved with an extended run, showing some real shooting touch and improved decision making in certain spots that serves his tremendous athletic gifts. Ditto for Greg Brown III who was out of his depth earlier this season and has shown important strides during the final stretch of the season, growing from project to potential contributor. That's real and obvious progress from two rookies.

Speaking of rookie, Brandon Williams signed a two-way contract and looks to be well above that level of point guard heading into next season. Portland may have discovered a true back up point guard while they were prioritizing youth to end the season. Williams can score, can pass and can get anywhere off the dribble. That's a pretty good starting place for young guard.

And finally Drew Eubanks is one of the best stories of the Blazers season. Back in Oregon where he went to high school and college, Eubanks has blossomed into an NBA player when he career was on the rocks prior to coming to Portland. The Blazers tank gave Eubanks a chance to prove he can be an NBA player and he has seized that chance as well as anyone on the roster. The Shaq of Troutdale, baby!

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