Should the Trail Blazers trade their 1st round draft pick + Portland's playoff rooting guide

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Should the Trail Blazers trade the sixth pick in the NBA draft in order to get veteran upgrades to improve the roster in the immediate term? That's the question we explore to open the show. How high is too high to trade a draft pick, what would an enticing package look like for the Blazers and why should they do it or not do it.

Plus, we discuss Portland's best stretch of the season, a 4-0 spurt in February heading into the All-Star break. Was that fool's gold or the proof that this roster has a chance to be better in a hurry next season? We look back at those wins and what stood out from that winning streak and what might be sustainable moving forward.

Finally -- at the 21:00 minute mark -- a playoff rooting guide for Blazers fans. Every team in the postseason has a Portland connection. Let's find them all in a silly deep dive into Rip City lore.

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