Requiem for a season: Blazers limp into the offseason with a pledge to improve

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The Trail Blazers season mercifully came to an end on Sunday evening in a 131-80 loss to the Utah Jazz. It was Portland's seventh straight loss and capped a 2-21 close to the season in which the franchise decided to stack losses in hopes of a brighter future.

This episode runs through the full timeline of chaotic events that put Portland where it is today. Starting with the firing of Terry Stotts back in June 2021 and culminating in 11 30-point losses in the final 23 games of the season. Plus, all the bumps, bruises and occasional bright spots along the way, like Anfernee Simons' emergence and the franchise firing its chief decision maker a week into December. Yikes. It's been a ride.

We close the show with two scenes from Sunday night that offer hope for better seasons to come. Damian Lillard spoke to crowd before tip off and long time broadcaster and team ambassador Bill Schonley addressed the arena in a retirement ceremony at halftime. Two franchise icons left us with scenes for a better Blazers tomorrow

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