Portland Trail Blazers hire Joe Cronin as the permanent GM

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After six months with the interim tag, Joe Cronin was named the Trail Blazers General Manager on Tuesday, signing a four-year deal to be the team's lead decision.

The process to hire Cronin as the permanent GM was messy as there was no interview process with other candidates. That doesn't mean Cronin isn't capable of doing the job, but it sends a message that Blazers ownership is not remotely engaged in operating a basketball team.

Cronin has had the job for six months and he's already made major moves with the roster. We revisit the massive overhaul and then look ahead to what could be next for the team with Cronin in charge of shaping the next iteration of the franchise. And we ask the big question, when is it okay to judge Cronin's job and evaluate the first time GM's work? It's not now. But it's coming.

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