How many elite skillsets are on the Trail Blazers roster?: Simons' shooting, Dame-Nurk pick and roll game & Josh Hart isos

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How many elite skills do the Trail Blazers have on their roster? A deep dive into the tracking data on and gives us a look a the numbers behind the top flight skills currently on Portland's roster.

Anfernee Simons and Damian Lillard are both high level pick and roll navigators, but Simons is also an elite spot up shooter and could be growing into a dangerous cutter of the ball. All those numbers give us an outline of what the Blazers might look like with their backcourt pairing for next season.

Jusuf Nurkic is going to set a ton of screens, which bodes well for the big man because the numbers suggest he's an elite roll man. Let Nurk work with Simons or Lillard and you've got then ingredients for a potent offensive attack.

Nassir Little grades out as an elite scorer coming off screens. When you consider how he might fit into the offensive scheme next season, there's reason for optimism that the Blazers could get more out of this elite skill from their fourth year wing.

Josh Hart and Trendon Watford are both elite isolation scorers according to the tracking data. Seriously. Elite iso scorers. What might that mean for two Portland role players going forward?

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