Assessing the Portland Trail Blazers core: From Lillard to Little where does Portland stand

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The Portland Trail Blazers want to be competitive right away to begin next season. So with that in mind let's assess the core pieces of their roster to figure out how they go from where they are today to where they intend to be in the fall.

Damian Lillard is still going to be a "true beast," as he recently anointed himself on social media. When healthy Lillard has been one of the best offensive players in the league and there's plenty of reason to believe he still has that level of play in his bag. So if Portland has it's star as step one of the core building, what about the rest of the roster?

Is Jusuf Nurkic a Top 10 center in the NBA? Is he good enough to overcome small ball heavy postseason basketball? What about Anfernee Simons? Did his breakout season show us enough to think he can be a No. 2 option on a team that makes the conference finals?

And finally what about the Blazers wing group? Is Nassir Little a starter on a good NBA team? Can Josh Hart be his most impactful on a team with two star guards? And where does Justise Winslow fit with this group? Let's dive in.

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