Los Angeles Angels and A's Honor Kurt Suzuki, Logan O'Hoppe vs. Francisco Alvarez, Do the Halos Have $100 Million to Spend?

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The Los Angeles Angels and Oakland A's gave Kurt Suzuki a proper sendoff on Tuesday night in a special and emotional 1st inning. With this game, the longtime catcher began and ended his playing days in Oakland, and each team gave him the recognition he deserved along with a standing ovation from the fans in attendance. The Halos ended up losing this game in extras once again with a Ryan Tepera bases-loaded walk, but we did see some excellent performances from the likes of Michael Lorenzen on the mound. We'll cover last night's game in segment 1!

Then, the New York Mets recently called up the number-one prospect in all of baseball, Francisco Alvarez, who also happens to be a catcher like the Angels' Logan O'Hoppe. How do their stats compare? The answer may surprise and delight you!

Plus, the Angels will likely have $100 million to spend in the offseason if the luxury tax is the threshold for their budget, and Mike and Jon speculate whether or not they will spend or run it back with the young players on the team. Get our thoughts on how the offseason might go in segment 3!

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