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In this week's episode of Living in the Sprawl: Southern California's Most Adventurous Podcast, host Jon Steinberg shares his definitive guide to the 50 best sandwiches in greatre Los Angeles. His list includes: Konbi, Chronis Famous Sandwich Shop, Cemitas Don Adrian, Frumentos Italian Market Deli, Figueroa Philly Cheese Steak, Figaro Bistrot, Dave's Hot Chicken, Gjusta, Factor's Famous Deli, The Heights Deli & Bottle Shop, San Carlo Italian Deli, Rhineland Deli, Jeff's Table, All About the Bread, El Cochinito, Fat Sal's Deli, Laziz Grill, The Park's Finest, Clementine, Potato Chip Deli, Cortina's Italian Market, Sorrento Italian Market, Lovi's Deli, Cavaretta's Italian Deli, Busy Bee Market, Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery, Corsica Italian Deli, Mickey's Italian Deli & Liquor Store, Santoro's Submarine Sandwiches, Mario's Italian Market & Deli, Hy Mart, The Original Rinaldi's Deli & Cafe, Tarzana Armenian Deli, Capri Deli, Claro's Italian Market, Eagle Rock Italian Bakery & Deli, Art's Deli & Restaurant, Nate 'n Al's, Domingo's Italian Deli, The Original Giuliano's Deli, Mike's Deli, Wexler's Deli, Dan's Super Subs, Tip Top Sandwich, Roma Market, Orleans & York Deli, Brent's Deli, Howlin Ray's, Johnny's Pastrami and Langer's Deli & Restaurant.
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