Ninth House - "Men, die, Alexandra. It’s rarely a tragedy"

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“I class profanity with declarations of love. Best used sparingly and only when wholeheartedly meant.”
Arae and James talk about Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. Set on Yale's campus, this book meshes fantasy with reality. Secret societies, missing students, and magic - what could go wrong? Arae and James discuss feminism in fantasy, falling into character stereotypes, and capitalism. Have they found a new Book Boyfriend™? Has this book exceeded their expectations, or failed to meet them? Listen to find out : )
*Evil cackle*
“He was too old to believe in magic, but he needed to believe that there was something more to the world than living and dying.”
Spoilers - 6:50
(They know they never mentioned the quote about Dawes. They know they forgot. It has been accepted and moved past. You should too.)

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