#13 (A1) La famille et le couple

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⭐ In this A1-level podcast I will speak about family, modern and traditional types of unions, and the evolution of couples in our modern society. I will speak about my own family, the Simpsons and former presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande, we will learn all the vocabulary for family links and see how to speak about one’s family, we will practise the possessive adjectives, the difference between “c’est” and “il est / elle est”, as well as adjectives to describe people’s character, and much more.

⭐ In the first part of this podcast I will speak French only, and in the second part I will translate and explain everything I said in English. To make the most of this podcast, please use the transcription available on my website www.explore-french.com

⭐ Contents: 1/ Les liens de parenté 2/ Les appellatifs 3/ Les types de familles 4/ L'exemple des Simpsons 5/ A chacun son caractère ! (1) 6/ A chacun son caractère ! (2) 7/ Le couple 8/ L'exemple des présidents Sarkozy et Hollande 9/ Les mariages mixtes

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