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In this American English lesson, we will visit the town of North Conway, New Hampshire. We'll walk around visiting a fire station, a train station, a five and dime, and a ski museum. You will learn the difference between public and private, and we'll learn every rule in English. This town has many rules you might need to follow. 🟨 To become a member and get special videos, join the Discord server, and special member chats, click this link: 🟧 Follow this link for bonus credits from ITALKI for online English lessons after your first purchase: 👕 Want an English T-Shirt or water bottle? AFFILIATE LINKS FOR AMAZON📘SHORT STORIES FOR BEGINNERS TO IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH:🔥TO FIND THE LITTLE STOVE I USED IN THE CEMETERY:🍲 HERE'S A LINK TO THE FREEZE DRIED MEAL I ATE AT THE CEMETERY: 🎥 THE CAMERA I USED FOR THE BRIDGE JUMP:🎤 THE MICROPHONE I USE FOR LIVESTREAMS:🦟 LINK TO GET RID OF THE BUGS:🧊 MY CAR FAN:📲 MY CAR PHONE MOUNT:📱 THE PHONE I USE TO RECORD B-ROLL:🥄THE SPOON AND FORK SET🫐THE QUICK GRANOLA FROM MAINE:👁️ 1984 by George Orwell:🔌 THE GREEN MILE by Stephen King🚶 THE LONG WALK by Stephen King🎤 WIRELESS MIC

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