Tom Peters | It’s Time For Excellence Now And Putting People First

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I’m delighted and excited to welcome Tom Peters back to my podcast “Leadership Biz Cafe” for a third time, which means Tom now has made the most appearances on my podcast (we had a good laugh over it during our conversation). Tom wanted to come back on my show so we could talk about what will be his last book, “Tom Peters’ Compact Guide To Excellence”*. And as one would expect, during our conversation, Tom shares so many fantastic insights and thought-provoking ideas on a wide variety of timely issues facing leaders today. Just to give you an idea, some of the topics Tom and I discuss this time around include: The on-going battle between employers and employees over hybrid work vs return to office (RTO). The power and importance of kindness in today’s organizations. Why leaders need to pay more attention to hiring. The on-going tug-of-war over short-term earnings vs sustainability and doing something worthwhile. Being able to speak with Tom for a third time is a truly a gift, one that I’m delighted I can share with you as well. So I hope you’ll enjoy the insights – and laughs – to be found in my latest conversation with this leadership giant. *sponsored link that helps to support this podcast. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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