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On this episode of the LDS Life Podcast, I interviewed Laree Westover. Many of you about her daughter Tara Westover. Tara wrote a book called educated. Laree Tara’s mother wrote her story in a book called educating. If you are going to read Educated from Tara Westover. I would strongly suggest you get Laree’s book Educating to get her story. Laree and I discussed her childhood, how she met her husband Val, midwifery, essential oils, and herbs. We also discussed home schooling, antibiotics, and more about herbs. I do want to make a clarification here. I am not against antibiotics. I pointed out in this podcast that I have used antibiotics and how they have helped me. The opinions expressed about herbs, essentials, and antibiotics are not necessarily mine. My producer Ralae also expressed her view on antibiotics and told us that she is currently on an antibiotic. I don’t believe Laree is against antibiotics either if used in the correct circumstance. Check out Laree’s book Educating at

This podcast is also split in to 2 parts as well as the whole podcast. You will also notice I have a producer named Ralae. Her voice may sound familiar because she does the voice-overs on the LDS life podcast. She is now my producer as well. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this podcast. I hope you thoroughly enjoy listening to it also.

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