95. BISHOPS: Not Therapists, But Great Resources

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In this video, I interview President Tim Overton of the Phoenix, AZ West Maricopa Stake. President Overton has been stake president for 5 years and a previous bishop. He joined the church 20 years ago while playing football at Idaho State University. Tim works as an attorney and law professor and specializes in inclusion, diversity and race relations. * I wanted to take a peek inside the training of bishops and shine light on what their role is while one is going through a divorce. Or, what their role is in general in conflict resolution. I was surprised to hear of the amount of resources available. This left me filled with hope for any individual who is seeking guidance and counsel from a bishop. * The Church has taken great strides in aiding its members with mental health. We need to remember that bishops are human and are not trained therapists. However, they can offer so much guidance and have direct access to find more support if you so need. * Check out the PODCAST by going to my link in BIO. Episode 95. * Remember the views and ideas expressed are not representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are merely two individuals who happen to be members of the church who are sharing experiences.

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