84. The Gift of Forgiveness

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You know when you've heard something that has changed you? Think back to a time when you listened to a story that impacted you enough to stir a noticeable shift in your heart. Luckily, this just happened to me when my new friend shared a very intimate experience with me from her past. So, I convinced her to share it with all of you. * In this podcast, Karla shares her stories and insights of how forgiveness is a gift from Heavenly Father. She expounds upon how after years of sexual abuse as a child, she was able to forgive her abuser. Her story is purely miraculous and through that experience she has possessed this gift of forgiveness that has helped her to forgive time and time again throughout her life. * Sometimes even the idea of having to forgive someone is too much to comprehend. But when we completely turn it over to the Lord, it is possible and can completely free us.

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