100. Extreme Weight loss Edition

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This is truly the come back kid story. If you feel a lack of motivation or continuation or cultivation or any -ation, come listen to this interview I have with my friend, Jordan Keith (@jordandkeith). * We are talking fitness, health, physical journey today folks, and boy this guy has had one...and a few. Growing up as a kid who was always overweight, it was super hard to feel confident enough to jump into the physical fitness world that the small town had to offer. Nobody really teaches you how to break out of unhealthy habits at that age, but Jordan exercised a lot of fortitude going into college to take his first steps in a healthier direction. * Next comes love, then comes marriage, then comes babies in a baby carriage (ok, that sounds familiar) and sometimes those things throw wrenches in the physical fitness area. We can ALL relate! * Then Jordan pushed through and broke through some barriers he never could before to get to where he is now. 11% body fat and training to GAIN weight/muscle. He can't believe he's stepping on the scale and hoping it'll go up. A place he's never been before. * Come listen in to find out his secrets on my 100th podcast episode!

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