2023: Greatest Gaming Year Ever? w/Jeff Grubb - Kinda Funny Gamescast

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Industry Icon Jeff Grubb joins us to discuss the Streamdeck and if 2023 could actually be the greatest video game year of all-time potentially having Zelda Breath of the WIld 2, God of War Ragnarok, Starfield, Dead Space, Last of Us Remake, Resident Evil 4 Remake, and more!

Follow Jeff: https://twitter.com/JeffGrubb

Time Stamps -

00:00:00 - Start

00:03:27 - Housekeeping

00:05:15 - How’s it being Jeff Grubb??

00:12:48 - Steam Deck Emulation

00:31:32 - Ads

00:33:39 - Will 2023 Be The Best Year in Video Games?!

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