Zechariah: Visions of Hope // Not The Way It's Supposed to Be

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Kyle Kauffman | Nov. 13 2022

The Israelites returned from the Exile, that was caused by their sin, and yet still they were plagued by the problem of sin. The Exile could not remove their sin. It could simply remove sinners from the land for a little while. What were they supposed to do? The same problem remains for us today. We live in a world that is full of sin. We don’t have to look far to see it. We see it in the news, we see it in our neighborhoods, we see it in our homes, and we see it in ourselves. Sin seems to taint everything in this world. And when we come face-to-face with sin we are left wondering – is there hope? There is hope in the face of sin and it’s rooted in God. God sees sin, judges sin, and removes sin. That’s where our hope lies in the face of sin.

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