#38 • S3 • E3 • LGBTQIA+ - Ft. Alagu Jegan • Voice(d)Less

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In this episode We have discussed along with Thozhar Alagu Jegan, Founder of Aniyam Foundation which works for the welfare and rights of LGBTQIA+ Community. Topics Discussed, 1. Pro Noun, 2. Name is equality, 3. Physical, Mental and Verbal Abuses 4. Awareness and Education, 5. Aniyam Foundation, 6. Self Love 7. Fight for Equality 8. Who are my Allies? 9. Senseless Memes 10. Media Representation of LGBTQIA+ 11. Idealogical Allies 12. Changes in Policies 13. Suicides in adolescence 14. Rainbow Flag 15. Pride Walk For more details, Follow and DM us on, https://www.instagram.com/kadhaippomawithkarthik/ https://www.instagram.com/alagujegan/ https://www.instagram.com/aniyamfoundation/ You can reach out Sevigal queer helpline for any doubts, support through mobile number +91-9176999974

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