#45 • S3 • E9 • Dravidama ? Eelama ? O**a Its Me China Ft. Chriznil TikTok Kannis , Nivethan Vanakam Makkals Podcast

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This episode features Chriznil From TikTok Kannis Podcast and Nivethan from Vanakam Makkals Podcast talks about the ground reality in Srilanka. We have discussed about the Cultural, Political and Economical changes thats happening in Srilanka and the issues around north eastern province of Srilanka. The twitter panchayat saying Dravidama ? Eelama ? which is completely irrelevant and unnecesary and there's a bigger threat to be addressed and we in this episode have tried the above said. Follow and DM us on, https://www.instagram.com/tiktok_kannis/ https://www.instagram.com/vanakammakkalspodcast/ https://www.instagram.com/kadhaippomawithkarthik/

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