Live Upside Down or Die

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Summertime Funtime Guest Bailiff Monte Belmonte joins Judge John Hodgman in saying goodbye to his New England Summer. It's the Judge's last day in his Summertime chambers with Joel Mann the Mole Mann at WERU Community Radio in Orland, Maine. The J Squad and Lil Monte clear the docket of the New England located disputes waiting for justice. Table manners, how to eat a burger, Massachusetts pronunciations, Vermont and New Hampshire orientation, New England borders, and Cape Cod geography!

Thank you so much to Joel Mann and WERU for hosting our summertime chambers again this year. WERU is a community supported freeform radio, and is available to stream at Monte Belmonte can be heard on WRSI Radio at His podcast, A Week of Mornings, is available wherever you get podcasts.

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