Jimmy & Jonny Show Ep.23 Success with Automation

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In this episode, they share some in-depth insider secrets about how to achieve success using fundamental systems.

Jimmy was unable to attend today because he was out celebrating his 25 year anniversary with his wife, but we were able to get Stan Weiss to step in as a special guest.

Jimmy (Bornamann) & Jonny (Jonathan Munsell) have each owned several successful businesses throughout their careers. When they teamed up around 10 years ago they became unstoppable. They are masters at understanding what it takes to really make a business succeed. They are longtime friends with a passion for helping business owners improve their profits and their lives!

Things you will learn:

The importance of systems

How to prioritize systems

How to teach your employees systems

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We Help You Improve Your Business and Your Quality of Life …GUARANTEED!

Tune in as they these 30+ year veterans share their insider thoughts on what is holding back most independent businesses.

They show Business Owners how to Get TONS of new guests, get your existing guests to come more and get them to spend more each and every time they come in. All this while showing the Business owner how to work less in the Business and more on your business.

Jimmy (Jimmy Bornamann, a 35 year Restaurant Industry Veteran)

Jonny (Jonathan Munsell, a 30 year Restaurant Industry Veteran)

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