This World is a Video Game

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Having just freshly watched the movie 'Free Guy', Antariksh is joined by fellow IVM staffers Abhineet and Hrishi to talks about what they thought of Ryan Reynolds' new feature, and then get into other movies that take you inside video games similar to Free Guy. They talk about Gamer (2009) starring Gerard Butler, The Matrix (which could also be technically considered to be in the genre), Ready Player One, Jumanji - Welcome to the Jungle, Tron, Spy Kids 3D, Zathura, and more. They discuss the kind of traits that can be often be seen in these films, which of them are their favourites, and some they aren't really fans of (Spy Kids 3-D).

Also, do tune in for the recommendations - Hrishi recommends the YouTube channel 'theRadBrad' YouTube channel, Abhineet recommends the podcast 'Virus 2062', and Antariksh recommends the YouTube series 'Barstool Pizza Reviews' on the 'One Bite Pizza Reviews' YouTube channel.

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